yet another great event over!

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IMG_1700clay2IMG_1651just finished working at Toyota this Saturday ,

we had 5 fun fair rides plus 6 catering trailers a rodeo bull plus roller skating rink and go karting plus lots more.

with 4,500 people to look after the grand finale was an amazing fire work display.

why not get funday to organise your event !!



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Off to Manchester today to start set up of our 8 player giant SCALEXTRIC this event will have 4 top bands playing tonight plus 4 fun fair rides and 20 other activities to play with.
The co op sure do know how
to put an indoor party on!

Work is so busy !

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5 day event at 3 different colleges this week plus another 15 events so 30 jobs not bad for Septembers 3rd week.

45 events next week to arrange !

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Funday are getting busier and busier and do not let there quality down .